Major League Ultimate released their next innovation in ultimate statistics today, with the new “Player Compare” feature on

Since the inception of Major League Ultimate in 2012, the importance of statistics in sports, specifically in ultimate has been a focus of the league. With that in mind, the team at MLU has been working on bringing fans of the game accurate, detailed statistical data in a clear and convenient way. 

Since the founding of the league, the MLU Statistics department, lead by Luke Ryan and Tim Brubaker, have brought fans live updating stats, interactive boxscores, and the popular MLU Fantasy Ultimate platform.  The new “Player Compare” feature is the next step.  With an increasing amount of quantitative information available, spanning four years of MLU games, it became clear that fans would want the ability to easily view this information in a meaningful way.

While it is nice to know that Cody Bjorklund of the Portland Stags averages 3.67 assists and 1.83 goals per game on the season, that information becomes much more significant when compared to other players around the league.


The new MLU “Player Compare” screen allows you to compare any two players.

  With all the datapoints available through the existing MLU statistics database and boxscores, fans, coaches and players themselves will be able to compare any two athletes’ performances over any of the four seasons of MLU games.  


Basic Data

Compare Basic Data: See how top players in each league stack up to each other in the basics of the game. Lloyd Blake of the Washington D.C. Current leads the Eastern Conference in scoring at this point in the 2016 Season, but how does he stack up in goals, assists and blocks to Western Conference leader Bjorklund?  The Player Compare feature offers a easily understood bar chart of each players primary stats with options to view by “total” or “game average”.


Expanded Data

Compare In-Depth Data: Beyond looking at the basics of ultimate, the Player Compare feature offers more in-depth looks at a players points played (O-line v D-line), passing completion percentage, offensive and defensive scoring efficiencies, as well as a comparison of each of the recorded datapoints. 


Bjorklund 2016 vs Bjorklund 2014

Historical Comparison: With a significant number of veteran players throughout the MLU, the Player Compare feature allows users to see how a player has performed over their entire career in the league.  The feature will allow you to see how players have improved (or fallen off) during their MLU careers.

So whether you are trying to put together your fantasy roster for the week, arguing with friends about who is better, or purely interested in looking deeper into the statistical data that our team has compiled over the past four years, head over to the Player Compare feature on and check it out.