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Major League Ultimate announced on Monday the launch of MLU Fantasy Ultimate, the league’s new fantasy ultimate application for the 2015 MLU season.

The newly built fantasy platform offers new features, including live drafts, head-to-head matchups, real-time statistics and the ability to add and drop players.

Following a successful test run last week, MLU statisticians and developers of MLU Fantasy Ultimate, Luke Ryan, Amanda Kalk and Tim Brubaker, approved the launch two weeks before the start of the third MLU season.

“The addition of the MLU Fantasy will give the fans access to stats, teams and players like never before,” said MLU Commissioner Jeff Snader. “Fantasy offers one of the most engaging online experiences for sports fans, and we’ve made a site that is focused on giving the fans a great experience. The vision that Luke, Tim and Amanda made come to life with this first release is mind-blowing. I haven’t been this excited about the potential of something since I started the MLU.”

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Users can create as many leagues as they like and invite other players through a simple league building process. Team rosters will consist of 12 players – seven starters and five bench players – that will accumulate points at different rates depending on their position. This innovative scoring system will be a key part of the user experience.

“To borrow some terminology from football, players in ultimate can be the quarterback, wide receiver and cornerback during every point. It is because of this position ambiguity that we decided to remove ‘position’ markers for all of our players,” said MLU Head Statistician Luke Ryan. “On a week by week basis you can set your lineup to the tune of what statistics you think your players will record. Think that player is going to get a couple of blocks against a certain team? Throw him in as a defender. Every choice you make will have a direct effect on your total fantasy points scored. Winning and losing is completely in the hands of our users and I think that’s the coolest part.”

Live drafts will take place anytime before the start of the season, and fans can even start a league as late as Week 4.

Injury reports will be provided before each weekend’s games, and statistics and points will be updated in real-time during head-to-head matchups.

Additionally, MLU fantasy experts like Luke Ryan will write weekly columns on the MLU site offering fantasy predictions and updates.

While this new version of MLU Fantasy Ultimate offers a comprehensive fantasy experience, the creators request that players understand that this is a beta version. If participants experience any problems or have suggestions on how to improve the platform, please email

Registration for the application is officially open today. Visit to sign up and start your first league.