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As we leave behind the days of summer and are greeted by the early chills of autumn, the folks at Major League Ultimate hope to bring you a bit of cheer with a week of sales at our MLU Shop!

Each day over the next week, the MLU Shop will be offering ultimate goodies for discounted prices.  Get the early jump on your holiday shopping, or build your “MLU Fan” halloween costume for a fraction of what it will cost you during the rest of the year.

The Week of Sales:

Day 1: The Day of Discs!
On Thursday, October 1st, any disc from MLU Shop will be going for just $9.99 (reg $11.99)!  Game Discs, Team Discs, 2015 MLU Championship Disc.  Seriously. EVERY SINGLE DISC at the shop for under $10.

Day 2: The Day of Gloves!
On Friday, you can grab a pair of Friction Gloves 1.0 for just $14.99 (reg $24.99). That’s a $10 savings!  If you’ve been following along thats enough to get a disc on Day 1!

Day 3: The Day of T-Shirts!
On Saturday, all of our non-Canterbury T-Shirts will be 20% off… We will keep our shirts on, the price at our shop will just be 20% less than usual. I wanted to make that clear.

Day 4: The Day of Hats!
On Sunday, those fantastically fashionable things that cover your head will be 15% off listed price. Show your fandom AND shield your eyes from the sun. Win-Win. Save money doing it? Win-Win-WIN!

Day 5: The Day of Vessels!
On Monday, the day when you will need them most, all MLU Team Pint glasses will be just $5.00 (reg $7.99). You will have to pay to fill it on your own, but there will be more money in your pocket to do just that. Cheers!

Day 6: The Day of Canterbury!
On Tuesday, all of the MLU Gear from our good friends and official apparel provider, Canterbury will be 10% off. Grab the gear thats going to make all your friends say “Hey! That’s a sweet piece of MLU Canterbury Apparel! Where did you get it?” and then you can say “The MLU Shop, it was on sale!”

Day 7: The Day of Discs…Again!
On Wednesday, just to go along with the Matthew McConaughey/Friedrich Nietzsche “Time is a Flat Circle” thing… We are bringing back the The Day of Discs for a reunion tour. Just $9.99 for all discs!

The Week of Sales will begins today, Thursday, October 1st!  Cash in on all the deals at the MLU Shop.