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As we look back at our favorite memories of the 2015 season, many images come to mind, and most of them through the lens of a camera.  For the third straight season of MLU action, our friends at UltiPhotos sent dozens of the best photographers in ultimate to all 43 MLU games to capture the glory and anguish of the 2015 season.

UltiPhotos, the official image provider of the MLU, sifted through thousands of photos to eventually decide on a ten-image album for each team. Once again, we’re leaving it up to the fans to make the final decision. The bracket begins today!

1. Go to the Top Shots photo album on your favorite team’s Facebook page. Like or share your favorite photo by the end of day on Thursday (1/14), and on Friday morning, the two photos with the most likes and shares will be sent to a final bracket of 16.

2. The Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference bracket begins on Friday, January 15. Go to MLU’s Facebook page to vote for your favorite photo in head-to-head match-ups, culminating in the Top Shot of 2015. More details on the next rounds are coming soon.

Click on the albums to start voting:

Boston Whitecaps
New York Rumble
Philadelphia Spinners
Washington D.C. Current

San Francisco Dogfish
Seattle Rainmakers
Portland Stags
Vancouver Nighthawks