Photo by Pete Guion –

Video production by Greg Fallon

Introducing MLU’s new video series Ultimate Gamechangers, a weekly look back at the moments that shaped the 2015 season.

As we approach the 2016 MLU season, our new series Ultimate Gamechangers will take a look back at those critical moments from throughout last season that laid the course for things to come.

“With Ultimate Gamechangers we really wanted to go in-depth and produce a type of series ultimate hasn’t really seen before.” said Greg Fallon, the producer of the series, “We’ve always had full games, interviews, highlight videos and even podcasts about ultimate, but a real documentary style series about what happens on the field is something I’ve noticed is missing from the ultimate space.”

Sports are about stories, and as with all stories, a good sporting event has its fans hanging on play after play as it builds to a climax.  Big plays – the crazy catch, the unbelievable defensive layout, the long throw as time expires – are the moments that people remember.  

These are the “gamechangers”.

“Most ultimate documentary pieces focus on the larger picture of what ultimate is and what people think it should be. I really wanted to look at ultimate just like one would look at any other sport, and tell the stories of athletes and the incredible things they have done in the MLU.” continued Fallon,  “I just really wanted to give ultimate fans something to watch and enjoy.”  

For our first segment, we take a look back at the first week of the season.  The Boston Whitecaps were entering the second game of their doubleheader weekend, coming off a tough loss to the Philadelphia Spinners the day before.  Facing the reigning champs, the Washington D.C. Current, the Whitecaps looked to avoid an 0-2 start to the season.  D.C., hoping to begin their season strong and defend their title, had experienced great success at home in 2014 and were eager to continue that into the new year.  With the game on the line, a true game changing play by Ben Fleming sealed the course of one of the most exciting games in MLU history.