Photos by Marshall Goff and Scobel Wiggins –

Peter Woodside of the Portland Stags and Christian Foster of the Boston Whitecaps have been named the Defensive Players of the Year for their respective conferences.

The Defensive Player of the Year awards are given to the most outstanding defensive player in each conference. This year’s recipients both come from defensively minded teams full of players who were also in contention for the award. Woodside and Foster stood out from the pack with their consistent defensive presence throughout the season.

In his second year in the MLU, Peter Woodside led the league in blocks with 17, tying last year’s Western Conference Defensive Player of the Year Morgan Hibbert. Even though Woodside played primarily as a defender, he was in the top ten for goals with 31. Woodside was also named the Breakout Player of the Year last week.

In the postseason, Woodside was able to cement himself  in the record books with a flying defensive bid that landed him on SportsCenter’s Top 10.

In the Eastern Conference, Christian Foster takes home the award after racking up 14 blocks to lead the Eastern Conference. With an additional 17 goals and 11 assists, Foster was a force on both sides of the disc. As the Whitecaps’ primary puller, Foster set up plays and effectively ran their defense throughout the season.

With his defensive efforts, Foster has helped lead the Whitecaps to their second MLU Championship appearance.

Final Ballot

Western Conference:
1. Peter Woodside (Portland)
2. Morgan Hibbert (Vancouver)
3. Topher Davis (Portland)
4. David  Hochhalter (Vancouver)
5. Riley Meinershagen (Portland)

Eastern Conference:
1. Christian Foster (Boston)
2. Delrico Johnson (D.C.)
3. Jack Hatchett (Boston)
4. David Cranston (D.C.)
5. Joseph Anderson (New York)