Photo by Scobel Wiggins –

Major League Ultimate announced on Friday that Peter Woodside of the Portland Stags has been named the Breakout Player of the Year for the 2015 MLU season.

The Breakout Player of the Year award goes to the player who made the biggest improvement from last season to this season, including their role in helping their team achieve its season goals. 

Woodside finished the year with 31 goals and one assist for the Stags (9-1). His 31 goals rank him third in the league in goals-scored and his 17 blocks tie him for first overall in the league this season. Woodside was a dominant player on the Portland D-line all season long, equaling 2014 Defensive Player of the Year Morgan Hibbert to lead the league in blocks.

His primary role as a defender makes his 31 goals a truly impressive feat. None of the other players on the list of top 10 goals-scored played less than 132 offensive points this season. Woodside played 29.

Woodside’s 2015 numbers mark a dramatic improvement from last year’s totals of eight goals, one assist and nine blocks. The statistical improvement, as well as his dominant presence on the field earned him the recognition from coaches, general managers and league insiders on this year’s awards ballot.

Final Ballot:

1. Peter Woodside (Portland)
2. Marshall Ward (Philadelphia)
3. Charles “Bobo” Eyrich (Vancouver)
4. Christian Foster (Boston)
5. Matt Glazer (Philadelphia)

Next five receiving votes: Delrico Johnson (D.C.), Mark Burton (Seattle), Ben McGinn (Portland), David Baer (Philadelphia), Ben Scharadin (Philadelphia).