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Today the Seattle Rainmakers face the Boston Whitecaps in the third annual MLU Championship at PPL Park in Chester, Pa.

The MLU Experts have made their final picks of the season in anticipation for what’s sure to be an exciting matchup.

Seattle Rainmakers vs. Boston Whitecaps | Saturday, August 8, 2015, 6:30 p.m. ET
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Greg Fallon | MLU Assistant Production Manager

Prediction record: 28-14

Score: 23-20, Boston

Seattle Player of the Game: Mark Burton
Boston Player of the Game: Christian Foster

“Seattle has had a great run, but I think they are outmatched by Boston. The Caps don’t make mistakes and they will come out on top.”

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Luke Ryan | MLU Head Statistician

Prediction record: 23-19

Score: 23-21, Seattle

Seattle Player of the Game: Mark Burton
Boston Player of the Game: Christian Foster

“The Rainmakers were my preseason pick to take home the Silver Disc. You think that I’m backing down now that they’re in the championship? Not a chance! Both teams sport offensive units that can score when they want. It’s going to make for an interesting game and I can’t wait to see them go at it.”

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Tim Brubaker | MLU Statistician

Prediction record: 27-15

Score: 22-19, Seattle

Seattle Player of the Game: Evan Klein
Boston Player of the Game: Sam Kitross-Schnell

“This is the year that the MLU Championship goes to the West. The Rainmakers may boast a competent offense but their defense is not far behind. While Burton is the clear threat, and a lot will hinge on who covers him, everyone on the O-line is a threat. That said, Boston’s O-line will also be hard to stop. Boston is stacked with speed as any of Graham, Chan or Kittross-Schnell can break deep in an instant and with Markette on the field chances are the disc will get to them. Defense also looks like a wash. Feeley, Phan and Dewey-Valentine, three top D-line players, helped Seattle force a turn over half the points they played. Meanwhile, Christian Foster will be running with a fresh Defensive Player of the Year award, leading an equally impressive core of players. With that, Seattle’s edge will be momentum. Boston was supposed to beat Philadelphia, and they did. It’s also their second trip to the big game. Nerves can be a factor, but adrenaline even more so. Coming off a big upset win against the Stags, the Rainmakers will be fired up and ready to take the game by storm.”

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dusty rhodes | writer

Prediction record: 26-12

Score: 21-20, Boston

Seattle Player of the Game: Daniel Trytiak
Boston Player of the Game: Eric Stevens

“This is finally the matchup to determine which coast is the Best Coast…. which overly drab city has the best MLU team. How will Philly and Portland feel after this game?  Will they feel they could have done better in the given matchup? Will we all feel that the best team won? What sorts of suppositions will we all make about the long-term success of these teams and players? Even the end of a season is the beginning of another. And none of us knows which way is forward anyway… making the whole thing a race without a beginning or an end which makes me wonder if it can properly be called a race anyway. Anyway, away we go to the title tilt!”

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William Curb | MLU Director of West Coast Digital Media

Prediction record: 29-13

Score: 20-16, Boston

Seattle Player of the Game: Mark Burton
Boston Player of the Game: Christian Foster

“I’m cheering for Seattle, but Boston has the edge in this matchup. Both teams have been clicking through the end of the season and it is going to be a fantastic matchup, but I see Boston walking away with their second championship. Prove me wrong Rainmakers!”

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Paul Des Marais | MLU Director of Content

Prediction record: 27-15

Score: 21-19, Seattle

Seattle Player of the Game: Khalif El-Salaam
Boston Player of the Game: Tyler Chan

“Despite Boston’s reputation and East Coast advantage, the Rainmakers have the upper hand with a full roster and superior defense. Seattle will edge Boston out for the first Silver Disc for the Western Conference.”

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