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For the 2015 season, four players each week are awarded the US Coachways Offensive Play of the Week, the Innova Pulsar Throw of the Week, the Friction Gloves Catch of the Week and the Defensive Play of the Week.

US Coachways Offensive Play of the Week

Timmy Perston | Portland Stags

Perston is know for his ability to sneak away from his defender to catch anything that’s thrown at him. In this case though, it was anyone’s disc. Perston sits back in his favorite chair, reads for a few minutes and strikes at the best part in the story.

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Innova Pulsar Throw of the Week

Teddy Browar-Jarus | Boston Whitecaps

The larger MLU field allows for throws like this from Browar-Jarus – a cross-field outside-in backhand to a streaking Tyler Chan. Did you notice who threw the dump pass to Browar-Jarus?

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Friction Gloves Catch of the Week

Jeff Graham | Boston Whitecaps

Who else but Jeff Graham?

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Defensive Play of the Week

Topher Davis | Portland Stags

With the Nighthawks threatening, Topher Davis puts his body on the line to prevent the home team from tying the game in the fourth quarter.

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