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For the 2015 season, four players each week are awarded the US Coachways Offensive Play of the Week, the Innova Pulsar Throw of the Week, the Friction Gloves Catch of the Week and the Defensive Play of the Week.

US Coachways Offensive Play of the Week

Matthew McDonnell | Boston Whitecaps

Faced with a hard mark, Christian Foster puts up a crafty backhand knowing that the streaking McDonnell has his man beat. McDonnell lays out for the score just beyond the reach of the Rumble defender.

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Innova Pulsar Throw of the Week

William Vu | Vancouver Nighthawks

The Rainmakers defender has his arms outstretched in anticipation for the upline cuts from the Nighthawks receivers trying to catch up with the play. Vu could have easily hit the player cutting on the near sideline, but instead he throws a majestic winding scoober over his defender.

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Friction Gloves Catch of the Week

Cody Bjorklund | Portland Stags

The Portland Stags legend made a one-handed layout grab…with a broken hand. Next day’s pain was well worth Bjorklund’s debut on the SportsCenter Top 10 Plays.


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Defensive Play of the Week

Delrico Johnson | D.C. Current

In one of the craziest weeks of the season, the Dogfish defeated the Stags, the Spinners ended the Current’s home winning streak and fans were treated to two Callahans. Of course one of them was made by Defensive Player of the Year candidate Delrico Johnson.

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