QUEENS, NEW YORK – Here’s a quick recap of the Boston Whitecaps’ victory over the New York Rumble at Belson Stadium.

How it Happened: The Rumble and the Whitecaps both struggled offensively throughout the game. Their defensive lines were also unable to generate breaks on a majority of the turnovers that were caused by either player errors or the wind. There were a large number of throwaways and hucks that failed to reach their intended receiver, and that trend continued throughout the second quarter. Yet both offensive lines were able to fix some of their issues, and the first half ended with the Rumble and the Whitecaps tied at five. Highlights of the first half included Clark Cofer catching a Callahan for a score to help the Rumble tie up the game, and Jeff Graham playing shut-down D in the end zone to prevent the Rumble from taking the lead. In the second half, the teams continued to trade turnovers, but thanks to good defensive pressure from the Whitecaps they were able to create a two-point lead for themselves at the end of the third quarter. In the fourth, the Whitecaps offense was able to score more efficiently and with fewer turnovers than in the previous three. They were up by three points for most of the final period and even had a brief four-point lead thanks to effective switch defense on the Rumble handlers. In the final three and a half minutes, the Rumble outscored the Whitecaps two to one, but were unable to complete the comeback.

Turning Point: During the fourth quarter, the Rumble scored twice in a row to come within one point of the Whitecaps. Christian Foster threw a huge huck to the end zone and missed his intended receiver, but out of nowhere Tyler Chan appeared and laid out for the score to preserve the Whitecaps’ lead. The Rumble were unable to close that gap, and never came closer than two points behind the Whitecaps for the rest of the game.

Player of the Game: Matt Heath handled quite well on a defensive line that was struggling to convert for breaks. His best play was an big huck from a standstill to Thomas Edmonds for a crucial break in the fourth quarter.

Stat of the Game: 1. Both teams combined to score only one point during the entirety of the first quarter, possibly the lowest-scoring quarter in MLU history.

What’s Next: The Whitecaps (3-3) have a Week 7 bye while the Rumble (1-4) head to Philadelphia to take on the first-place Spinners (4-1).