MEDFORD, MASS – The Boston Whitecaps (4-1) faced brutal winds today at Hormel Stadium, but despite the unforgiving conditions and their slim roster they became the first team this season to take down the Philadelphia Spinners (5-1). 

How It Happened: In what will certainly remain one of the most exciting games of the season, the Whitecaps started out uncharacteristically slow and dug themselves a five point deficit. They struggled to stop Philadelphia’s handler movement and often underestimated the power the wind had over their throws. Thanks to Billy Sickles, David Brandolph and Isaiah Bryant, Philadelphia seemed to be the dominant team heading into halftime. But a serious locker room talk and a much-needed energy adjustment led to a different team taking the field for the final two quarters. The Whitecaps began to earn back some of the breaks they had lost and responded much more calmly to the Spinners’ junky defensive looks. Ultimately, they were able to tie the game in the final quarter and send it to overtime. 

Turning Points: After winning the disc flip to start overtime, Coach Tom Matthews made the risky, but ultimately wise decision to begin the extra period on defense downwind. Thanks to a block by Terry Roth, the Whitecaps broke the Spinners and took the lead for the first time in the entire game (20-19). Their defensive line was able to prevent the Spinners from scoring in the final minutes, and thus the Whitecaps beat the Eastern Conference team everyone thought might truly be unbeatable. 

Stat of the Game: 1.  This game was decided by 1 goal.  The Spinners and Whitecaps each have 1 loss, both to each other.  They will play each other 1 more time this season.

Player of the Game: Shaun Doherty. Doherty only played 6 points for the Whitecaps.  He scored 4 goals, all on breaks, including 2 goals in the fourth quarter, a callahan, and the deciding goal in overtime.

Whats Next: With this victory, the Whitecaps have put themselves back in the running for first place in the Eastern Conference. But they have another tough challenge next week: they will be battling the still undefeated Portland Stags in one of the MLU’s first ever conference crossover games. Can they take down two undefeated teams back to back with their home crowd cheering for them at Hormel Stadium? Buy your tickets today for a chance to find out!