MEDFORD, MA – Here’s a quick recap of the Week 4 matchup between the Boston Whitecaps and the reigning MLU champions, the Washington D.C. Current.

How it Happened: The Boston Whitecaps looking to rebound after a loss to the Current in double overtime several weeks ago. They came out firing and were able to generate a break early on to give themselves a two-point lead. That point differential continued to grow and the first quarter ended with the Whitecaps up 6-2. They maintained their dominance despite a shakier second quarter and kept the Current from leading at any point during regulation. The third and fourth quarters showed more even scoring from both teams but the Current were unable to overcome their five-point deficit and ultimately lost, 21-16. The Whitecaps are now undefeated at Hormel Stadium.

Turning Point: In the first quarter, the Whitecaps dominated with three consecutive breaks. The Current made a huge run at the beginning of the second quarter to mount a comeback, but ultimately could not generate enough turnovers against a Whitecaps offensive line that looked more solid than in any of the previous games.

Players of the Game: Jeff Graham and Josh Markette dominated the Whitecaps offense. Markette scored two goals, threw seven assists, and helped the team maintain their lead in the fourth quarter after Graham injured his hamstring in the third.

Stats of the Game: 1 = number of incompletions thrown by Josh Markette. Markette was playing his first full game of the season and proved that he is a solid handler, skilled cutter, and visionary veteran on the field.

What it Means: The Whitecaps have now won two-straight games and the Current have been dealt their first loss of the season. Incredibly, this is Peter Prial’s first loss of his MLU career.

What’s next: The D.C. Current have another game tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. ET against the New York Rumble at Belson Stadium in Queens, New York. The Whitecaps take on the Philadelphia Spinners next weekend at home, and if they win, they have a chance to take the lead in the Eastern Conference.