ORANGE, N.J. – The Boston Whitecaps (6-2) defeated the New York Rumble (2-7) with a 22-16 win at Bell Stadium.

How it Happened: The New York Rumble put up a strong fight against the Boston Whitecaps this afternoon in their last home game of the season. New York took the lead towards the end of the first quarter after going on a five-point run. They then started the second quarter by going on a four-point run. By the time the horn blew to mark the end of the first half, New York had earned seven breaks.

The Turning Point: The Boston Whitecaps were clearly flustered by New York’s aggressive defense and efficient offense in the first half. This veteran team, however, was able to recover their cool and close the deficit point by point. By the end of the half they had caught up to New York and starting in the 3rd quarter, they took the lead. New York did not regain the lead for the remainder of the game and were unable to keep the score close, ending the day with a final score of 22-16. 

Player of the Game: Piers MacNaughton and Ben Katz both tallied a considerable number of goals, assists and blocks. MacNaughton recorded four goals, one assist and two blocks while Katz recorded five goals and two assists. These players are serious threats on the field. For the Rumble, Sean Mott recorded four assists and one block. Mott showcased his versatility in this game as he took on a different role than usual, making more in-cuts and finding his teammates in the end zone rather than reeling them in himself.

Stat of the Game: 81.8. That’s 81.8% for the New York Rumble’s First Break Scoring Efficiency (FBSE). This is one of New York’s best records in this category and is also significantly higher than what the Whitecaps recorded in for this game.

Quotable: Prior to the game Charles Cannon reflected on the Rumble’s growth this season: ‘It’s been awhile since we’ve seen this team, and we’ve really coalesced and grown as a team since then. I think it’s going to be a very different game.” Cannon couldn’t have been more spot-on, which was made immediately clear by the stellar first half played by the Rumble.

What’s Next? New York has their last game of the season in two weeks against the Boston Whitecaps. Next weekend, the Whitecaps will take on the Washington D.C. Current at home immediately following the Boston Area Women’s All-Star Game.