MEDFORD, MASS. – The Boston Whitecaps (8-2) defeated the New York Rumble (2-8)  this evening in a blowout game for their final match-up at home this season.

How It HappenedThe Boston offense worked smoothly from the beginning and tight coverage by their defense led to large numbers of turnovers, which they converted for breaks with unusually high success rates. The Whitecaps offense had some trouble early on, as did the Rumble’s. Both teams had unforced errors caused by miscommunications and inconsistent wind, but the Whitecaps were able to raise their intensity and by the second quarter their defensive line limited the Rumble to just two goals in ten minutes. The second half saw the Whitecaps earning even more breaks, but the Rumble broke them once at the end of the third quarter and twice at the end of the fourth. Unfortunately, those were insufficient to turn the score around in their favor and the Whitecaps finished the 2016 season undefeated at home.

Turning Point: While Boston controlled the game from the opening pull, they really put it to bed in the third quarter with a 10 goal, 8 break performance.

Player of the Game: Boston’s player of the game is undoubtedly Tannor Johnson, who scored an incredible thirteen goals, threw two assists, and earned two blocks against New York. He ended up breaking the MLU record for most goals scored by an individual player in a single game, and the Whitecaps were bolstered by his performance to break another MLU record for most points scored by a team in a single game.  For the Rumble, John Irvine made himself a continual threat in the end zone and scored five goals – a third of his team’s total. Marques Brownlee earned two blocks, assists, and goals, and Matt Weintraub threw three goals and 27 completions, a team high.

Stat of the Game: 32.  Aside from Johnson’s record breaking individual performance, the Whitecaps set the new single game scoring record with 32 goals.

Quotable: After the game, Johnson said that breaking the record “wasn’t the original plan. But I just kept doing my job and playing my position out there, and they put me in a good place to score. I’m thankful for my teammates.”

What’s Next: This game was the final game of the season for the New York Rumble. The Boston Whitecaps, however, will travel to Philadelphia next weekend to take on the Spinners in the Eastern Conference Championship. Tickets are now available online and can be purchased here.