WASHINGTON, D.C. – Here is a quick look at the D.C. Current’s season opening double overtime win over the Boston Whitecaps on Sunday at Cardinal Stadium at Catholic University.

How it Happened: On a windy Sunday in D.C.’s home opener, the Current had to count on both their offensive and defensive lines to come up in pivotal points. The game featured over 70 turnovers combined by both teams. D.C. opened the contest with some shaky play but got back into the game thanks to a 6-1 run to put them up 6-3. The game continued to go back forth for the entirety of the matchup until the final moments when Boston had a one-point lead. With less than 10 seconds on the clock Markham Shofner found Delrico Johnson in the end zone to tie the game at the end of regulation. After forcing an overtime period the Current had all the momentum but Jeff Graham and the Whitecaps would not go down easily. Boston came back in overtime but in sudden death overtime D.C. had the final say.

Turning Point: Tied at 18 in sudden death, Boston received the disc. D.C. pulled the disc from the 50-yard line to start play because of a timeout called before the pull. Boston played the disc in their own end zone and struggled to get past the goal line. Unable to find an open cutter, Jeff Graham, who had 11 turnovers on the game, hucked the disc deep. Ben Fleming bailed out the Current with a gravity-defying layout D. From there the Current worked the disc up the field, and the game ended on a throw from Alan Kolick to Delrico Johnson.

Player of the Game: Delrico Johnson saw plenty of action, playing 17 points of the game’s 37. But it was not until the end of the game when he became relevant on the score sheet. Two of his three goals came on the final point of regulation and in sudden death overtime.

Stat of the Game: Turnovers combined: 71 (unofficial) – D.C. 35, Boston 36. Both teams were continuing to get out the early season jitters and the wind did not help. Discs would get stuck in the air or turned right into the ground immediately upon release. While both teams had a lot of turnovers, Boston had one more than D.C. which ended up being the difference in sudden death.

Quotable: “I knew it was a big time play,” said Ben Fleming. “If he would have came down with that, they would have had a lot of momentum. I saw the throw go up and knew I needed to cover ground.”

What’s Next: Next week on Saturday at 6:00 p.m., D.C. hosts the 1-0 Philadelphia Spinners who also are coming off a win against Boston. Winner of this MLU Live game will hold an early lead in the Eastern Conference. The Whitecaps meanwhile will host the New York Rumble on Saturday at 5:00 p.m. in a game that was originally scheduled in New York. The Rumble were off this week and will play the 0-2 Whitecaps.