BERKELEY, CALIF. – The New York Rumble (2-5) defeated the San Francisco Dogfish (1-3) in MLU’s first ever regular season, cross-divisional matchup 22-19.

How It Happened: The San Francisco Dogfish hosted MLU’s very first cross-divisional game today in Berkeley against the New York Rumble. The Rumble came out hot, building a solid lead early in the game. By halftime, the Rumble had secured a 6 point lead and were playing dominant defense. This didn’t detour the Dogfish whatsoever coming into the third and fourth quarters, as they fought back in a big way. By the end of the game, the Dogfish had whittled the deficit down to just 3 goals. However, the Dogfish were unable to beat the clock and find those last few points, with the Rumble taking the day, 22-19.

Turning Point: By halftime, the Rumble had established themselves with a significant lead, 12-6. However, where some teams may have lost momentum and decided to save their energy, the Dogfish battled back. The third quarter was most definitely a monumental point in this game, showing the Dogfish digging deep while the Rumble seemed content with their lead. Going into the 4th Quarter, the Dogfish began to score one after the other.

Player of the Game: Nick Fiske of the Dogfish stepped up to the plate today, giving an impressive performance. His numbers included 2 goals, 2 assists, and 4 blocks. In a game where big defensive plays made all the difference, Fiske cleaned up on both sides of the disc.

Stat of the Game: 4 blocks. This one is unique, because the stat is shared – both Marques Brownlee of Rumble and Fiske from the Dogfish each landed 4 blocks in today’s game, allowing both teams to let their O-line shine.

Quotable: “The Rumble played very textbook,” said Daniel “Robot” Naruo, “they’ve trained so hard at their specific style and are really good at it. We figured it out pretty quick after watching the video, but when we tried to shut down a part of (their game), they had a back-up plan. Our defense came back and we took away the second option towards the end of the game.”

What is Next: Up next, the Dogfish hit the road to take on the Nighthawks up in Vancouver (0-6) for a rematch of their Week 1 matchup.  The Rumble will match up against a more familiar foe next week, trying to carry their momentum into their second matchup of 2016 with the Washington D.C. Current.