MEDFORD, MASS –  Team Old School bested their younger competition in the first Boston Area Women’s All-Star Game, 17-16.

How It Happened: After a rainy morning in the Boston Area, the skies cleared but the winds continued to gust.  As the game got under way, it was clear that the veteran experience of Team Old School was giving them the leg up, leading to a lopsided first quarter, that found Team New School trailing 4-8.  Old School recorded an impressive 5 breaks in the first quarter, capitalizing on the mistakes of their younger opponents.  The second quarter was far more balanced, as New School score within the first minute, before trading points with Old School for the rest of the half, entering the break with the veterans up 12-9.  The third quarter saw Old School’s lead grow by two, as they outscored New School 4-2.  Unwilling to let Old School run away with it, New School put forth an epic fourth quarter comeback, ending the game on a 4 goal run, including three breaks to end the game down just a single score, 17-16.

Turning Points: Team Old School won this game in the first quarter.  Behind strong performances by Kami Groom, Becca Ludford and Becky Malinowski, the veterans of Old School played smooth offense and capitalized on early mistakes by New School to build a 4 goal lead that proved insurmountable as the game played out.

Stat of the Game: 5:1. The late game surge by New School saw a 5 goals to 1 swing in the fourth quarter.  Entering the last quarter down 11-16, New School almost came all the way back with an epic effort in the first quarter, falling just one goal short.

Players of the Game: Kami Groom and Lien Hoffmann.  Groom was a dominant force on the field for Team Old School, tallying 4 goals, 4 assists and 3 blocks. Hoffmann led Team New School with 2 goals, 3 assists and 3 blocks.

Whats Next: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Washington D.C. Current vs. Boston Whitecaps game that was originally scheduled for 7:30 PM ET tonight has been delayed until approximately 10 PM ET.  Admission to the game will be free for all fans, who are encouraged to come watch this important late season rivalry matchup.

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