WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Philadelphia Spinners (9-1) comeback on the road to defeat the Washington D.C. Current (3-7) 19-18 to cap off their best season in franchise history


How it Happened: With conditions more favorable this week, the Current and Spinners played a lot cleaner game than their matchup last week. Wanting to end the season on a high note in front of a home crowd, D.C. came out firing and took three early breaks on the first three points. With Antoine Davis (two goals, two assists, and three blocks) and Dom Gibson (three goals, one assist, three blocks) commanding the skies for the Current, they were able to control the match early and jump up to a 7-3 advantage. Nick Patel (two goals, one block) came into the game and made a huge difference on the defensive side for Philadelphia and helped the team go into half with three breaks and a one goal deficit, 10-9. With an evenly matched third quarter, D.C. struggled yet again in fourth. With the Current only scoring two goals in the final ten minutes Philadelphia completed their comeback with David Brandolph scoring his only goal of the night, giving the Spinners their only lead of the game with 14 seconds left, in which they would hold on to win.

Turning Point: The fourth quarter has certainly been the most difficult period for the Current all season long and fortunately for them they started the quarter on offense up 16-15. Working the disc up field, D.C. put one deep to Delrico Johnson, who had to come back and make the grab over Greg Martin. Johnson was just short of the endzone and as the team resulted back to their standard offense, a careless over the top scoober throw was blocked. Going back the other way Philadelphia worked it quickly to their one endzone where Martin returned the favor and scored over Johnson.

Player of the Game: David Brandolph. Philadelphia has been reliant on their offense all season long and tonight the offense had one of their toughest nights on the year. When they needed consistency it came from Brandolph. Not only did he use three assists and a block to climb on top of the stat sheet, he completed 31 of his 34 throws, and scored the winning goal for the Spinners.

Stat of the Game: 14 seconds.  The amount of time left that the Spinners led the game.

Quotable: “It’s a win that although we didn’t play our best, it was a gritty win. In the playoffs especially against Boston it won’t necessarily be the most pretty [sic] win,” Brandolph said. “We just came out really flat. It took us until halfway in the fourth quarter to really get our act together.”

What’s Next: Both teams end their regular season campaigns on the 2016 season. The Current will look to move forward into the offseason finding their next step on the three year plan after missing the postseason the second year in a row. The Spinners however will host the Boston Whitecaps (8-2) for the Eastern Conference Championship next week. The game will be at Carey Stadium on June 26th at 3:00, tickets can be purchased here and as always the game can be watched on MLULive.com.