MEDFORD, MA – Here’s a quick recap of the Saturday night matchup between the Boston Whitecaps and the Philadelphia Spinners.

The Spinners utilized efficient handler movement and effective deep game to defeat the Whitecaps in sudden death overtime on Saturday evening. They took first place in the Eastern Conference and have only lost one game this season.

How it Happened: Boston’s offense looked slow and unsteady at the start, while Philadelphia’s looked smooth. After Boston dropped a pull, Philadelphia took a two point lead (4-2) and soon widened that to four (9-5). But the Whitecaps defense finally woke up and went on a run, tying the game at nine after four breaks in a row. Yet they never managed to take the lead – the Spinners were able to score and ultimately led 11-10 at half. In the second half, the Spinners amassed another four-point lead (17-13). The Whitecaps came back again, however, by scoring four points within two minutes to tie the game at 20-20 at the end of regulation. After one score each in the first overtime, Philadelphia received the disc in sudden death and scored.

Turning Points: At two separate points during the game, Philadelphia blew a four-point lead and came very close to losing. However, their offense was able to maintain a lead when it was most needed.

Players of the game: Billy Sickles was the most dominant player in the game. He threw seven assists, including the game-tying goal to Jake Rainwater.

Stat of the game: 4. Philadelphia blew not one, but two four-point leads – and yet still managed to win the game in double overtime sudden death.

What it Means: Philadelphia is now first in the Eastern Conference, followed by Washington D.C. and then Boston. New York sits in last. The Spinners’ only loss this season was to the Current (15-18), and the two teams face off again next week. If the Spinners win, they will firmly establish themselves in first place. If the Current win, the two teams may be tied in the standings – depending on the total point differential.