PHILADELPHIA, PA – The Philadelphia Spinners (8-1) take the home field advantage for the playoffs after win 24-16 win against the Washington D.C. Current (3-6).

How it Happened: To say the weather conditions were windy for the Spinners vs. Current game would be an understatement.  The game was filled with 50-yard line pulls and the disc riding the 10 to 20 mph winds just a little too much.  The first pull of the game came from the Current’s side of the field and the D.C. team definitely used this wind to their advantage as they scored their first goal, on a break to take the lead just 21 seconds into the game.  The two teams traded points back and forth, with 4 ties in first quarter alone.  Then, with the score at 4-4, the Spinners prevailed as they scored a phenomenal six goals during the remainder of the half.  Philadelphia’s defense kept D.C. at bay during those six goals when they didn’t let them score – not even once!  As for the O-line, fans will agree that we have Captain Nick Hirannet to thank for assisting in 5 of the goals in that quarter alone!  The second quarter of the game brought a different chain of events, as D.C. played harder than ever before.  The team from the nation’s capital had rallied from their multiple point deficit and managed to tie the game with a five point scoring streak.  The Current’s D and O-lines really stepped up their game in the second quarter, throwing the Spinners off their game a bit when they closed out the half at 11-10.  The third quarter brought another tie early on thanks to an assist from Michael Moses to Eric Miner for the Current.  That was it for the ties for the rest of the game as the Spinners had a surge of momentum and rode it to the end of the quarter with three and four point leads.  As the fourth quarter rolled around, the Spinners only granted the Current three goals and racked up eight (a six point streak included) of their own.  By the time the last two minutes rolled around, the Current was facing a 9-point deficit thanks to a short and sweet pass from David Baer to Tom O’Connor in the end zone.  This lead was the strongest Philadelphia had since their game against the New York Rumble a few matches back.  At the end of the quarter, although D.C. managed to sneak in another score, the Spinners took home the 24-16 win, the at home undefeated status, and the home field advantage for the playoffs as time expired!

Turning Point: At the half, the scoreboard read 11-10 with the Spinners in the lead after the D.C. Current rapidly closed the five-point deficit, but the Spinners weren’t finished just yet.  In the third quarter, the Spinners gained a ton of momentum as they maintained a three to four point lead throughout, which gave them the advantage to earn a five or more point lead in the final quarter.

Player of the Game:  Michael Panna and Delrico Johnson – both with 4 goals, 1 assist, and 1 block.

Stat of the Game: Spinners Captain Nick Hirannet tallied an outstanding 5 assists throughout the first quarter alone.

Quotable: “The wind was definitely a challenge for both teams early on.  We knew going into it that there was going to be a lot of upwind and downwind – even some cross winds, so we quickly tightened to our upwind and downwind lines.  We stuck to them pretty aggressively.  Then, in the third quarter, we noticed some of the gusts were on our side when it was knocking down the opposing team’s passes.  We used that to our advantage and that’s when we started getting some separation from them by starting to score more.”

What is Next: The Spinners will be away next weekend for one last regular season game against the Washington, D.C. Current.  The game will take place on Saturday, June 18th at 7 PM at Cardinal Stadium in Washington, DC.