VILLANOVA, PA – The Spinners (5-1) dominated the Rumble (1-5) in a blowout win at Villanova Stadium on Saturday evening.

How it Happened: The Rumble looked like they were going to keep up with the patient offense of the Spinners as the first quarter wore down with the Rumble only down one, 4-3. This would be as close as the Rumble would get when they let the second quarter get out of hand and the Spinners took a 12-5 advantage to end the half. Down by seven, the Rumble needed to get their heads back in the game, but failed to turn things around in the second half and lost the third quarter 6-2. As the bleeding continued the Spinners simply outplayed the Rumble on both offense and defense, not allowing a single break the entire game.

Turning Point: In the second quarter, the Spinners put in break after break as the Rumble offense struggled to convert and their defensive line was unable to change Philadelphia’s momentum. Everything looked to come up Spinners evidenced by multiple tipped discs off impressive Rumble defensive plays that would land in Spinners hands.

Player of the Game: While the Spinners certainly spread the disc, with no player playing more than 14 of the 35 points, Tom O’Connor was a constant thorn in the side of the New York offense all evening, picking up three blocks, two assists and two goals on a 100 percent completion rate. 

Stat of the Game: 22 players on the Spinners squad recorded either a goal or an assist in this game. Of the three active players not to register a score, two got blocks.

Quotable: “We just came out on fire,” said Spinners star Nick Hirannet. “We don’t care about standings. We focus on every single point. And so we came out on fire and never let off the gas.”

What’s Next: The Rumble travel to Boston next week to take on the Whitecaps, while the Spinners will remain at home to attempt a second-consecutive win against the defending champions, the D.C. Current.