MILWAUKIE, OR – The Portland Stags (4-0)  came out ahead 18-12 in a sloppy, high turnover game against the San Francisco Dogfish (1-1).

How it Happened: It was a wet blustery day in Oregon as these two teams got on the field. The first quarter was a game of inches as each team faced issues with maintaining control of the disc. It looked like it could be a close game with Dogfish closing out the quarter on the Stags heels 3-3. The second quarter was a completely different story as the Stags took control of the game and outscored the Dogfish 6-2. The Stags seemed to put the game out of reach in the third when they expanded their lead to 13-7. The Dogfish maintain their composure in the fourth with each team putting another five points on the board.

Turning Point: A layout block from Cody Bjorklund sparked the Stags 4-1 run at the end of the fourth quarter. With the four breaks under their belt, the Stags went into the second half that they could play aggressively and continue to build their lead. The Dogfish were able to slow down the Stags in the third but never closed the gap the Stags opened in the first half.

Stat of the Game: 9 to 1. Again the Stags won the break battle getting nine breaks to the Dogfish’s one. It looked like they might have been able to shut out the Dogfish defense but were broken in the final two minutes of the game.  

Player of the Game: Gabe Saunkeah of the Dogfish always seemed to be able to move through the Stags defense with ease. Saunkeah put up 2 goals and 5 assists. He was the cog in the Dogfish offense and was the primary look for the Dogfish on both under and deep cuts.

Quotable: “It was more wind and weather,” said Stags handler Chris Hancock about the Stags heavy turnover start. “They’re a good team and have a lot of high-level players but I think the wind was pretty blustery which really surprised us.

What’s Next: The Dogfish will be resting on another bye next week. The Stags will be traveling north to face off against the Vancouver Nighthawks (0-3).