MILWAUKIE, OR –  The Portland Stags finish off the season with a 20-10 victory over the Seattle Rainmakers.


How It Happened: Weather reports suggested that teams would be playing in pouring rain but the sun stayed shining all game long. The first quarter saw both teams come out in an offensive show case with both teams scoring point after point. The Stags managed to score two breaks, but did not seem to have an answer for the Rainmakers offense and the quarter ended 7-5 in favor of the Stags. The second quarter saw the Stags come out strong on defense and scoring three straight goals that took up a majority of the second quarter. The Rainmakers were able to find a rhythm after that and put in a single goal, but it was their only goal of the quarter. The Stags defense continued to play a major role in slowing down the game as the Rainmakers were only able to put in another two goals to the Stags four. Teams traded points in the fourth, with the Stags adding in additional two breaks to finish off the game 20-10.

Turning Points: With a defensive adjustment coming into the second quarter the Stags completely shut down the Rainmakers offense. In the first quarter the Rainmakers were able to get five goals and it took three more quarters to get the next five.

Stat of the Game: 9 breaks – there were only nine breaks scores for the entire game with all of them coming from the Stags. 

Players of the Game: As a constant deep threat and defensive giant Peter Woodside earns player of the game with 4 goals and 2 blocks as well as a near-assist from a throw from the ground.

Quotable: “We know what kind of team they are,” said Stags handler Sam Franer. “We know they like to throw wrinkles in but as long as we can execute the way we want to we should be successful.

What’s Next: This was the last game of the regular season but these teams will be meeting again next weekend in the Western Conference Finals right back at Milwaukie High School Stadium.