HILLSBORO, OR – The Stags (8-1) finished off their series against the Rainmakers (4-4) with a win at Hillsboro Stadium.

How it Happened: The teams traded points with Portland getting a single break in the first quarter to put them up 5-4. In the second quarter, Seattle started to take advantage of their deep game by putting multiple shots up that the Stags didn’t contest. Despite their strong offensive play in the second, the Rainmakers only traded points and the half ended with the Stags up by two at 9-7. While the wind seemed to become more of a factor as the game went on, the third quarter saw a surge in goals as both teams put another seven points on the board. The Stags were finally able to pull ahead in the fourth quarter when they broke for the first point and clamped down with their defense. The Rainmakers started making a comeback late in the game, but the wind led to some unfortunate turnovers and the Stags were able to capitalize on the ticking clock.

Turning Point: Seattle had all the momentum coming out of the third quarter despite some confusion that allowed the Stags to regain their two-point lead. In the fourth, the Stags finally turned on their defense with layout blocks from Topher Davis and Eli Friedman to extend their lead to four. While the Rainmakers were able to rally near the end of the game, the Stags had built up too much of lead.

Player of the Game: Timmy Perston was all over the field getting multiple assists and goals while always being a threat on defense.

Stat of the Game: Outscored by two – the Stags only outscored the Rainmakers in the first quarter and they managed to keep that two-point lead for the entire game.

Quotable: “It’s a puzzle,” said Rainmakers cutter Mark Burton. “We’re putting together the pieces and getting closer and closer. We had opportunities this game, now we just have to take them.”

What’s Next: The Stags take their bye next week while the Rainmakers head home to take on the Dogfish.