HILLSBORO, OR – Here’s a quick recap of Portland’s 21-12 win over the Seattle Rainmakers at the Stags’ home opener.

How it Happened: With the entire Stags defensive unit firing on all cylinders, the Stags were able to take advantage of Seattle’s turnovers. While the game started out close, the Stags were able to slowly widen the gap bringing the game to 12-6 by half. By the second half, the clock had become Seattle’s main enemy. Tempted into taking more shots at the end zone, the Stags defense ate up the sloppy play and kept increasing their lead.

Turning Point: After going into the half down 12-6, Portland started the second half with two breaks. Trying to turn things around, Seattle began employing a zone that slowed the Stags initially, but the Stags took advantage of the low wind with long swing passes and big hammers. A full team effort by the Stags saw them utilizing players up and down their roster.

Players of the Game: Leader of the Stag’s defensive unit, Topher Davis, had multiple blocks and was able to put assists and goals on the board as well. Seattle’s Mark Burton tried to put the team on his back serving as a handler, popper and deep cutter.

Stat of the game: 3. The Seattle Rainmakers only scored three points in each quarter. While the Stags defense played a huge part in stopping scores, the miscues on the Rainmakers offense created numerous unforced errors.

What it Means: For the Stags this game can only give them confidence as the Rainmakers were favored as a number two in the conference. While the Rainmakers were missing three of their offensive starters, it is a clear sign that they are going to need to clean up their game if they still want to compete in the conference.

Quotes: “I am really happy with how the game went. I felt like we established a very good base that we can start to grow from. I was impressed to see all 27 guys contributing on the field. I am looking forward to our game against San Francisco,” said Stags cutter Cody Bjorklund.

What’s Next: The Stags move to 1-0 and will begin preparing for next week when they travel down to San Francisco to take on the Dogfish on April 26 at 2:00 p.m.