HILLSBORO, OR – The Stags (7-1) clinched their playoff spot with a victory over the Dogfish (2-5) at Hillsboro Stadium.

How it Happened: The first quarter began with both teams trading points and with the Dogfish leading 2-4 before the Stags were able to put in three more goals to end the quarter 5-4. As the game wore on the short squad (16) of players that San Francisco brought starting showing fatigue. In the second quarter, the Stags extended their lead to two in what looked like a close game. The weather became a factor as windy conditions led to some long points in 95-degree weather. With more legs to put out on both offense and defense the Stags took a commanding lead in the third quarter, outscoring the Dogfish 7-2. The Dogfish weren’t able to turn it around in the fourth quarter, only putting one more point on the board.

Turning Point: The Stags took the lead in the second half and let momentum carry them through the rest of the game, outscoring a tired Dogfish team 13-3 over the final two quarters.

Player of the Game: Peter Woodside played a fantastic game extending his break score record and putting up a few more blocks, making him an even stronger contender for the Breakout Player of the Year.

Stat of the Game: Three. The Stags held the Dogfish to three points in the second half, allowing two points in the third quarter and only one in the fourth.

Quotable: “We made very few adjustments coming out of the half,” said player-coach for the Stags John Thornton. “We wanted to get Eli Friedman in the mix a little more, which we did. We just converted every chance in the second half and didn’t make mistakes. It was pretty flawless and that’s really what we aim for when we play.”

What’s Next: The Dogfish head home where they’ll host the Nighthawks on Sunday, June 14, and the Stags will also be at home against the Rainmakers that Sunday.