HILLSBORO, OR – With a win against the San Francisco Dogfish (1-3) at Hillsboro Stadium today, the Portland Stags (4-0) are now the only undefeated team in the league.

How it Happened: The Dogfish opened the game with a break against the Stags, putting them up for the only time in the match. Portland responded with a five-point run before the Dogfish were able to put in another score. The first quarter ended with the Stags up 6-3. Despite the Dogfish playing better defense in the second quarter the Stags were able to open their lead up to four going into halftime, 11-7. The Dogfish looked to break again coming out of half, but weren’t able to convert. After a series of Dogfish errors the Stags lead by as much as seven. The fourth quarter saw the Dogfish and Stags trading points, and finally finishing out the game with the Stags up by six.

Turning Point: In the third quarter the Dogfish had a few key turnovers from misthrown discs that effectively put them out of the game. Instead of swinging the momentum back into their favor the Dogfish put themselves in an even worse position and let the Stags build their lead. With a seven-point deficit going into the fourth the game was already decided.

Player of the Game: After a quiet start to the season, Timmy Perston put up six goals this game and a block at the end of the quarter. Even more impressive is that Perston came into the game with two fractured fingers on his left hand.

Stat of the Game: 5. The Dogfish had five unforced turnovers where they either turfed the disc or just had a miscommunication with their receiver that led to easy Stags goals. Five more possessions would have kept the Dogfish in the game and allowed them to put up a fight in the fourth.

Quotable: “We didn’t let up the whole game,” said Stags’ handler Chris Hancock. “We usually have a dip, but we didn’t let that happen. From start to finish we controlled the game.”

What’s Next: The Stags stay at home next week to take on the Nighthawks on May 16 at 2:00 pm, while the Dogfish will return home and to host the Rainmakers on May 17 at 2 p.m.