Berkeley, CA – The undefeated Portland Stags (6-0) come out on top over the San Francisco Dogfish (1-2), maintaining a strong hold on the Western Conference.

How it Happened: On a blustery afternoon in the Bay Area, the San Francisco Dogfish hosted the Portland  Stags on yet another rainy home game in Berkeley, CA. The first half was fairly close with the Dogfish only trailing by 4. The Stags were ahead, but the Dogfish performed well as a solid unit. Similar to previous weeks, the Dogfish shared their success fairly evenly across their roster with most player sharing the big stats of their team. The Stags, however, responded with a solid deep game, constantly finding Aaron Adamson in the end zone.  Their flow was smooth and quick, providing to be difficult for the Dogfish to slow down. After half time, the Stags took off and widened the gap, giving them a solid lead by the third quarter and finishing the game up with an 8 point lead.

Turning Point: Coming out of halftime proved to be a pivotal moment for both teams. The Dogfish weren’t able to bring the fire they had in the first half, which is there the Stags took off. While the hole wasn’t too deep in the first half, it became too much for the Dogfish to fight off by the end of the second.

Player of the Game: While James Yeager and Daniel Naruo both put up very strong, reliable offense, the most clearly uncontested receiver of this game was Adamson from the Stags. Adamson continually found the open deep cut and came down with some impressive skyballs.

Stat of the Game: James Sheridan showed up big tonight yet again with 4 blocks, the most of any player in the game. The Stags offense was almost seamless at times, which is where Sheridan was able to throw a wrench in things. Not only did they slow down the Stag’s offensive momentum, but also got the stands on their feet. There’s very few things as exciting as watching big defensive plays.

Quotable: “Too many missed break opportunities,” captain Andrew Riggs of the Dogfish said, “We had the disc in our hands a couple of times on defense and couldn’t convert, and our offense needs to be more consistent. Other than that, we put up some points and had some good offensive flow which was good new for the rest of the season.”

What’s Next: The Dogfish, despite a tough loss two weeks in a row, have good odds going into their next game at home against New York Rumble (1-5). This will be the first time New York crosses the US to play on the West Coast, giving San Francisco the home field and time zone advantage. Portland heads back home to rest their legs with a bye week, coming back on May 21st to take on the Whitecaps who are second in their division.