BERKELEY, CA – Here is a quick recap of the San Francisco Dogfish season opener win against the Vancouver Nighthawks on Sunday.

How it Happened: The Dogfish started the game on defense and got the break. They kept the lead, trading points with Vancouver until the middle of the third quarter, when the Nighthawks went up by one. While the Dogfish capitalized on their defensive turns with patient, collected offense, the Nighthawks seemed to stall in the backfield and take riskier throws into the wind. The Dogfish took the lead again in the fourth quarter, widening the margin briefly to three points before winning the game 15-14.

Turning Point: The Dogfish started on a high note and kept climbing. Instead of losing heart when the Nighthawks took the lead in the third quarter, the minor deficit seemed to rally San Francisco for the win.

Player of the Game: Nighthawks rookie Ted Chu was a standout player on offense and defense, with three goals, two defensive blocks and a couple of layout bids.

Stat of the Game: 2. The number of times the Nighthawks lost the disc in the first point of the fourth quarter due to offensive fouls.

Quotable: “Focusing on more practices helped build the team dynamic. We have been hanging out so much, it has really brought up the friendship and camaraderie and that helped us,” said Dogfish rookie Raj Maitra.

What’s Next: San Francisco plays at home again next weekend against the Portland Stags at 2:00 p.m. Buy tickets here.