BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA – Here is a quick recap of San Francisco’s 18-17 win over the Portland at Yellowjacket Stadium on Sunday.

How it Happened: The Dogfish took the first point of the game on a defensive break, then traded points until the Stags took the lead at the end of the first quarter. The second quarter was the first time the Stags pulled ahead by two, but the Dogfish continued to maintain possession after defensive plays and entered the second half only down by one. In the third quarter the Stags briefly held a three-point lead before the Dogfish brought it back within two. In the final quarter the Dogfish scored the first point and traded with the Stags before surging to a tie at 17 with 2:18 remaining. Portland turned the disc on a hammer attempt and the Dogfish scored to go up by one. With 30 seconds remaining the Dogfish clamped down on defense and got a layout block at the Stags’ end zone that sealed San Francisco’s win at 18-17.

Turning Point: With 2:47 left in the game the Dogfish called a timeout to avoid a turnover and came out of the break to tie the game at 17.

Player of the Game:  There was a noticeable difference in play when Portland Stags juggernaut Cody Bjorklund wasn’t on the field. When he was on the field, in addition to solid handling, he racked up seven assists, two goals and one block.

Stat of the Game: 5. The number of turnovers in the first point of the game. The Dogfish got a block after 40 seconds, dropped it on a dump, which was followed by a Stags errant hammer, a Dogfish throwaway and a Stags drop before the Dogfish scored the break. 

Quotable: “We had a renewed focus on offense; a new game plan from the coaches that the team executed,” said Dogfish handler Ian Ranahan about the difference in today’s play. “Most of our problems this season have been internal. It matters what they do, but it matters more what we do.”

What’s Next: San Francisco (2-4) has a bye next weekend before facing the Stags (5-1) again on June 6 on Portland’s home field. Before the matchup, Portland will play a Week 7 game against the second-place Seattle Rainmakers (3-2).