BERKELEY, CALIF. – The San Francisco Dogfish (2-8) defeated the Vancouver Nighthawks (1-9) 19-18 in an incredible regular season finale.


How it Happened: The San Francisco Dogfish hosted the Vancouver Nighthawks for the last game of their 2016 seasons. The Nighthawks started off the game by building a substantial lead we would see for the majority of the game. By the end of the first quarter, the ‘Hawks were up 4-8. Even with the gap in the score, both teams were passionately fighting for their final standing in Western Division. By halftime, both teams hit the locker rooms with the Nighthawks still up at 8-11. However, whatever Dogfish Head Coach Seidler discussed during those precious 15 minutes must have worked, because the Dogfish began to close the holes in their offense and continued to find the end zone more often than not. With 3:10 left in the game, Ian Ranahan got the disc to Shane Earley (who had his own cheering section, complete with some pretty beautiful heckles) to tie the game at 17-17. With another break quickly after that (Taylor Cascino to Gabe Saunkeah), the Dogfish took the lead 18-17. A timeout was then called by the Nighthawks just before they threw a goal, which would have tied the game. This didn’t detour them from punching it anyway, and we were back to a tied game at 18s and less than 2 minutes remaining. While the idea of overtime delicately lingered in the back of the crowd’s mind, Taylor Cascino wasn’t having it. 1.5 seconds were left on the clock when Cascino perfectly placed a throw to Andrew “Chowder” Goldstein which clinched the lead, and the victory.

Turning Point: The 4th quarter was most certainly the point where both teams put it in 5th gear and pulled out all the stops. Both teams showed some of the best offense we’ve seen all year, and the Dogfish pulling ahead with the game winning goal at 1.5 seconds left was nothing short of magical. The crowd on their feet with soul-shaking cheers was definitely where the tides had turned, giving the Dogfish an epic end to their season.

Player of the Game: Don’t make me pick!  We saw multiple Dogfish play out of their minds today (shout outs to Earley and Thomas Pineda) and some Nighthawks working incredibly hard on D, but Tyalor Cascino takes the cake. While making sure the offense continued to work the disc consistently down the field, he put up some of the most exiting throws of the game- including the buzzer beater assist for the win.

Stat of the Game: 1.5 seconds.  The amount of time left on the clock as the Dogfish took the final lead.

Quotable: “I felt like today’s game was perfect replica of our season,” the Dogfish’s Nick Weiss said after the win, “we went down, but we kept fighting and we kept fighting, and today we prevailed.”

What’s Next: Some R&R! Both the San Francisco Dogfish and the Vancouver Nighthawks had a long and hard fought season with today being their last game of 2016, and today’s show could not have been more exciting to watch. Keep an eye out for these two coming back in 2017 with just as much fire. Major props, San Francisco and Vancouver! Bravo!