BERKELEY, CA – The San Francisco Dogfish are now 1-0 with a solid win over the Vancouver Nighthawks at their home opener.

How It Happened: On a rainy Saturday, the Dogfish defeated the Vancouver Nighthawks, 21-12. The first half proved to be a challenge for both teams, battling both the weather and their first game together on the professional field. The Dogfish went up early, but the Nighthawks fought back all the way to half time, entering the break with the score 6-5. Whatever new Head Coach Jason Seidler said in the locker room must have worked, because the Dogfish took the second half by storm. Even through rain and tough defense from the Nighthawks, the Dogfish were able to solidify their lead significantly with big defense from Gabe Saunkeah and Thomas Pineda, and phenomenal offense from James Sheridan.

Turning Point: The Dogfish made all the right changes coming into the second half. Offense began to flow and the defense tightened up, allowing the Dogfish to put some big numbers on the board.

Player of the Game:  Sheridan finished with three goals and one assist. The Nighthawks had difficulties keeping Sheridan away from the disc on both offense and defense.

Quotable: “The locker room and sideline energy was very high,” said San Francisco rookie Jacob Serrano. “It felt like even if we did go down to the Nighthawks, your team on the sideline was going to pick you up. It was great to come out and make a statement on opening day. It was clear we are only going to build and get better from here.”

What’s Next: Both teams have a long way to go before fans can truly see what kind of season lays ahead of them. Next Saturday, April 16, the Nighthawks (0-1) start their home campaign with a game against the Portland Stags (1-0) at Thunderbird Stadium at 6:00 p.m.  The Dogfish (1-0) enter a bye week, and then face their next matchup against the Stags in Portland on April 23 at 5:00 p.m. Both games will be live via