MT. VERNON, WASH. – The Seattle Rainmakers (1-2)  defeated the Vancouver Nighthawks (0-3) in the 3rd Annual Border Bid.

How it Happened: After tying the first quarter 3-3, Seattle pulled ahead. In the second quarter the Rainmakers got two breaks and scored 5 points, while the Nighthawks scored two points with no breaks, ending the half at 8-5 Rainmakers. Seattle never let Vancouver have the lead, getting three points in the third quarter to Vancouver’s 2, bringing the score to 11-7. The Rainmakers really sealed the deal in the fourth quarter, getting five breaks and eight more points to Vancouver’s three points and sole break of the game. Seattle won 18-10.

Turning Point: After tying the first quarter at threes, the Rainmakers came out of the locker room strong. Seattle scored the first point, and then got two more breaks after that, Cam Bailey scoring on both. Seattle never let Vancouver come close to tying in the game after that point. The strong defense of the Rainmakers kept the Nighthawks to only one break in the game. The third quarter was much slower, with only five points scored by both teams. In the fourth quarter Seattle turned up the heat, scoring eight points with a run of five in the final four minutes of the game.

Stat of the Game: 1:10 – the ratio of Vancouver to Seattle breaks. With the Nighthawks only getting one break in the game, they could not score enough to keep the Rainmakers at bay. Seattle learned a lesson from last week’s game against Portland, where an unfavorable break ratio in the 3rd and 4th quarters lost Seattle the game.

Player of the Game: Evan Klein and Cam Bailey of the Rainmakers. Both scored three goals, and Cam had two assists and one block while Evan had one assist and two blocks.

Quotable: Coach Kate Kingery talked about the game. “The beginning was a little rough. It got a little chippy. Play was super aggressive. But fortunately I think the players and coaches realized that we all needed to tone it down a little bit and then it got a little more the way Ultimate should be played,” she said. The Rainmakers had a mental shift after the first quarter, and Kingery said that she told the players, “You can’t control the refs, you can’t control other players, you can only control your actions”. She said that the Rainmakers found their groove this game. “I think our O line did a fantastic job scoring this game. We struggled with that on a couple of other games. Our D line took it to them by playing tight defense. Really converting the half field pulls, getting the turn, and then scoring.”

What it Means: The Rainmakers have chalked up their first win after taking losses in two games against the division-leading Portland Stags, for a record of 1-2. Vancouver has another loss to bring their record to 0-3. The Rainmakers and the Nighthawks will meet again next week in Seattle, where they will have a rematch of tonight’s game with a fuller Vancouver roster and a rested Seattle team.