BERKELEY, CALIF. – The Seattle Rainmakers (6-2) defeated the San Francisco Dogfish (1-6) with a 20-12 win at Yellowjacket Stadium.

How It Happened: The San Francisco Dogfish hosted the Seattle Rainmakers for game 2 of a 3 game season series this afternoon in Berkeley. While the game started off by trading points, the Rainmakers began to find the holes in the Dogfish’s offense, creating a 5-point lead by halftime. While the second half showed the Dogfish’s O-line making the necessary changes, they were unable to shake the Rainmaker’s momentum. Seattle capitalized on 11 breaks to the Dogfish’s 1, which proved to be too much for San Francisco to catch up. Seattle did their homework and brought their A-game to this match, while the Dogfish struggled to find the end zone. While it was a hard fought game by both squads, Seattle played a cleaner game.

Turning Point: By the end of the first quarter, the game looked as though it was going to be neck and neck. Not only did we see a fairly low and even score (3-3), but the Dogfish’s offensive line seemed to have found the groove they have been seeking this season. In was in the second quarter where the Rainmakers were able to make a splash and begin to run away with it, making this the turning point of the game. While Taylor Cascino and and Gabe Saunkeah were both able to get into the end zone 3 times a piece, the rest of the Dogfish were having a tough time coming catching goals.

Player of the Game: If you’re looking for someone who had a good day, Brad Houser would be your man. His game today was as stoic as his profile picture (really though, it could grace the cover of a romance novel- very mysterious in all the right ways) with the stats to back him up, making him the MVP of today’s game.

Stat of the Game: We’re looking at Houser again with 5 goals, 2 assists and 1 block. His solid all around play today helped the Rainmakers move the disc effortlessly down the field.

Quotable: “Today was an improvement on our last matchup, with our D getting a few opportunities for breaks,” said Jason Edelman of the Dogfish after today’s game, “Like we talked about at half, if one or two of those chances get converted, you’re looking at a different game. Also, I’m fairly certain [Nick] Fiske is immortal.” 

What is Next: The San Francisco Dogfish and the Seattle Rainmaker meet again for their third matchup in a row next weekend up in Seattle. Both teams have a few tweaks to make over the next week, one team more than the other. If the Dogfish can start cleaning up their offense and give their defensive line more time on the field, we’ll see a good fight.