RENTON, WA –  The Rainmakers bested the Dogfish in a come from behind victory 22-18.

How It Happened: Even though teams were warming up in grey and wet conditions the sun was out by the time the first pull went up. Both teams started off well, trading points in what looked to be a close match. The Dogfish capitalized on a few Seattle mistakes and were able to put in three breaks near the end of the first quarter, putting them up 5-7. The Rainmakers found themselves in trouble in the second quarter as the Dogfish were able to put in four break scores. The Rainmakers were finally able to stop the bleeding at but the Dogfish still took the quarter leading, 9-15. In what looked to be a surprise blowout the Rainmakers stormed back after the half, taking the third quarter 8-0 and then the fourth 5-3, giving them the final victory at 22-18.

Turning Points: The third quarter was a clear turning point in the game as the Rainmakers were able to stop the Dogfish at every turn. Because the Rainmakers started the quarter on defense, their offense never came in during the third. 

Stat of the Game: 7 Points. The Rainmakers’ have set a new MLU record with a 7 point comeback after being down 13-6 in the second quarter. 

Players of the Game: While Khalif El-Salaam had a slow first half, just one goal, he ended the game with 5 goals, 4 assists and 3 blocks – including a callahan late in the fourth quarter that cemented their final lead.

Quotable: “Being down that big we knew that it was going to take a lot of effort,” said Rainmaker’s defensive cutter Luke Jesperson. “We knew we couldn’t come back in just one throw, one play or anything. We had to reset. Just be willing to grind and put pressure on every throw. Be willing to get beat and compete a little bit more. Taking a few more risks but really just knowing if we play our game things would come together. “

What’s Next: The Dogfish are heading down to Portland on Sunday for the second leg of their double-header weekend against the Stags, the Rainmakers will also be facing the Stags, but in a weeks time on June 18th.