RENTON, WASH. – The Seattle Rainmakers (4-2) defeated the San Francisco Dogfish (1-5) in the first matchup of the two teams this season.

How it Happened: In the first half, San Francisco showed their physical and mental exhaustion from their game the previous day in Vancouver, B.C. and late night bus ride down to Seattle. The Seattle offense and defense dominated, running up the score and preventing San Francisco from getting any break points the first half. In the second half, the Dogfish played a more competitive game, scoring 11 to the Rainmakers 13 in the second half. They never came within shouting distance of winning though, and Seattle trounced San Francisco with a final score of 29-16.

Turning Point: Seattle and San Francisco both scored one point in the beginning of the first quarter. The Seattle Rainmakers then went on a run, scoring five goals in a row to lead the Dogfish 6-1. The Dogfish scored one more point in the first quarter and the Rainmakers scored two more to end the first quarter 8-2. The Dogfish didn’t get any break points in the first half, and even with a better second half they couldn’t catch up goals-wise.

Player(s) of the Game: Evan Klein and Khalif El-Salaam both had monster games. Klein had two goals, three assists, and two blocks. El-Salaam had four goals, one in each quarter, and four assists in the game.

Stats of the Game: 17:4. The Dogfish only had four breaks in the game, all in the second half, while the Rainmakers had 17, which shows how good their defensive line is at scoring. Both teams had a lot of turnovers. Seattle had 17 turnovers and San Francisco had more than twice that amount, at 33. The third quarter started out pretty slowly, with 2:18 going by before the first score and many turnovers and unforced errors in the second half. 

Quotes: “It’s always real tough for a team to come out the second half of a double header,” said Rainmaker Drew Lockhart, empathizing with the tough conditions the Dogfish played under. “We had an opportunity here to come out with two weeks of rest. … I think we were gelling on all cylinders. We discussed a lot… just trying to win the fourth quarter and play all the way through the game. And that was a reminder when we started to lose focus a little in the third quarter to stack up.”

What it means: This is the first matchup for Seattle and San Francisco this season. With the Portland Stags already clinching a spot for the MLU West Coast Championship game, the Rainmakers and the Dogfish will both be trying for the second spot in the West. Seattle has gone 4-2, with their two losses to Portland, and San Francisco is 1-5, with a loss last night to the bottom-of-the-West Vancouver Nighthawks. Seattle plays the Nighthawks again in Vancouver next Saturday. The Dogfish have a bye week and then play their next game against the Rainmakers in San Francisco on Saturday, June 4th. The Dogfish have to be hoping that the Rainmakers lose to the Nighthawks before their next matchup, to break their momentum and dampen morale. Seattle needs to keep playing their own game and improving their game before their last game against the Stags and any postseason games that come after.