VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – Here’s a quick recap of the Portland Stags’ 17-15 win over the Vancouver Nighthawks at Thunderbird Stadium.

How it Happened: The Nighthawks and the Stags were both missing many of their players today. Regardless, the two teams struggled and fought hard the entire game: 5-3 for the Stags at the end of the first quarter, tied 8-8 at the end of the second quarter, and 13-12 for the Nighthawks in the third quarter. The Nighthawks were unable to keep their lead and pull through in the fourth.

Turning Point: Portland, winning 16-15 with a minute left to go, made a mistake and turned over the disc. However, the Nighthawks were unable to convert, allowing the Stags to gain a two-point lead. Forty seconds later, the Stags won 17-15.

What it Means: The Portland Stags have a guaranteed homefield advantage in the MLU Western Conference Finals. The Nighthawks will have one final game against the Rainmakers before their season ends.

Player of the Game: Morgan Hibbert wins this award at his last home game of the season for his spirit and hard work.

Quotable: “We’ve been making some progress, but for me, today was a bit of a step backwards. It’s disappointing,”  said Nighthawks head coach Andrew Lugsdin. “We knew we were out of the playoffs but we’re still playing to compete, get better, for pride and the fans. We came in a little bit flat and there was wind for sure but we just had some execution problems.”

What’s next: Tomorrow, the Vancouver Nighthawks will play their final game of the season against the Seattle Rainmakers at 1:00 p.m. The Portland Stags have no games left in their regular season.