VANCOUVER, B.C. – Here’s a quick recap of the Vancouver Nighthawks’ 21-13 win over the San Francisco Dogfish at Thunderbird Stadium.

How it Happened: The Vancouver Nighthawks and the San Francisco Dogfish had a relatively even first quarter, trading points back and forth. However, in the second quarter, the Nighthawks were able to take the lead, which they kept firmly in the third quarter. To finish the day, the Nighthawks pulled off a four-point scoring streak and finished with an eight-point lead, 21-13.

Turning Point: The last five minutes of the second quarter were crucial for the Nighthawks. Ted Chu and Alan Macfarlane both made big plays and contributed two points in those final minutes, giving the Nighthawks a five-point lead that snowballed into a huge victory.

What it Means: The Nighthawks are now 3-6 for the season. They must win their final two games or else they will not have a spot in the Western Conference Playoffs.

Player of the Game: Dave Hochhalter’s defense was on point throughout the game. Many of his blocks led to important breaks, which led to the eight-point Nighthawks win.

Stat of the Game: 5. The number of defensive plays made by David Hochhalter.

Quotable: “Super stoked for the guys and the team. Been battling injuries and other things going on. So everyone got put into different roles a little bit and everybody stepped up,” said Nighthawks head coach Andrew Lugsdin. “We knew we played really hard last week against these guys in the second half but we came out flat at the beginning of the game. We really focused on coming out and playing with the same intensity that we did at the end of the last game and that paid off. We got a lot of defensive pressure on them that led to some turnovers and some breaks for us.”

What’s Next: The Vancouver Nighthawks will host the Portland Stags at Thunderbird Stadium next Saturday, June 27 at 6:00 p.m. The Dogfish will play their final game against Seattle tomorrow, June 21, at 1:00 p.m.