MOUNT VERNON, WA – Here’s a quick look at the Vancouver Nighthawks’ 22-20 win over the Seattle Rainmakers at Mount Vernon High School.

How it Happened: With strong offense coming from both teams, the first quarter only saw one break from the Nighthawks. While the first quarter was defined by efficient offense, the second was defined by sloppy play on both offense and defense. It looked like a comeback was in the making near the end of the game when Rainmakers rookie Evan Klein received a catch block on Kirk Savage and was rewarded with a hammer in the end zone, but with only 4:39 left on the clock the Rainmakers were only able to put in one more score before the final buzzer ended it at 20 – 22 Nighthawks.

Turning Point: The Nighthawks took control of the game in the second quarter when they forced three more breaks. While Seattle was able to get back a break with a half field pull, the Nighthawks were able to end the quarter up three points, 11 – 14. The teams traded points and while the Rainmakers would bring it within one, they were never able to get back in the game.

Player of the Game: Kirk Savage seemed to be everywhere for the Nighthawks. He earned multiple assists, blocks and goals. Mark Burton was again a standout for Seattle and only had one turn in the entire game.

Stat of the Game: 42. Both teams combined for a high-scoring matchup that saw little defense. Both offenses seemed to be able to move the disc where they needed to. While Seattle’s defense did get turns, they were only able to get a handful of breaks throughout the game.

Quotable: “I’m really pleased with how the offense moved the disc,” said Nighthawks Head Coach Andrew Lugsdin. “It was lane cut after lane cut after lane cut and we were able to get the disc where we wanted it. Our defense was able to switch it up and put pressure on those throws to create turns. It all looked much better than last week in San Francisco.”

What’s Next: With two straight losses, the Rainmakers find themselves at the bottom of the Western Conference. While it is still early in the season Seattle is going to have clean up their game before they face the Dogfish at home next week. The Nighthawks move to 1-1 and face the Stags in Week 3.