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In anticipation of this weekend’s Boston Area Women’s All-Star Game, Major League Ultimate has released the rosters for the game.

With the Boston Area Women’s All-Star Game coming up this Saturday, June 11, Major League Ultimate has released the rosters for game, which will be presented by the league and live streamed via MLU Live.

Dubbed “Team Young” and “Team Old”, the two teams consist of members of the reigning USAU Club Champion Brute Squad, as well as representatives from Slow White, Siege and Wild Card club teams, the game will feature Boston’s top ultimate women.

For the purposes of the All-Star Game, the teams have named Angela Zhu of Team Young and Courtney “Coug” Verhaalen of Team Old as Captains.

Boston Area Women's All-Star Game Rosters
Team YoungTeam Old
#1 Lien Hoffmann – Brute Squad#6 Amber Sinicrope – Brute Squad
#2 Lauren Sadler – Brute Squad#8 Becky Malinowski – Brute Squad
#16 Shellie Cohen – Brute Squad#1 Chelsea Murphy – Brute Squad
#17 Eliza Pugh – Brute Squad#9 Vicky Negus – Brute Squad
#18 Vicki Chang – Slow White#16 Kara Hammer – Wild Card
#3 Jojo Emerson – Siege#10 Katie "Sully" Sullivan – Wild Card
#8 Sydney Dobkin – Brute Squad#17 Dory Ziperstein – Brute Squad
#9 Claudia Tajima – Brute Squad#11 Elana Schwam – Brute Squad
#10 Julianna "J" Werffeli – Brute Squad#18 Aly Heath – Brute Squad
#11 Angela Zhu – Brute Squad#12 Sarah Cook – Brute Squad
#12 Tess Johnson – Siege#2 Shira Klane – Brute Squad
#13 Erin Rea – Slow White#13 Courtney "Coug" Verhaalen – Brute Squad
#4 Caitlin O'Connell – Brute Squad#14 Sophia Herscu – Brute Squad
#14 Kate Flood – Siege#3 Molly Hallweaver – Brute Squad
#15 Hannah Baranes – Slow White#4 Becca Ludford – Brute Squad
#5 Zoe Hecht #5 Kami Groom – Brute Squad
#6 Eliza Chang – Wild Card#15 Laura Bitterman – Brute Squad

Tickets to the Boston Area Women’s All-Star game are available now and also include admission to the Washington D.C. Current vs. Boston Whitecaps game occurring shortly afterward.  Both games will be streamed online via