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Yesterday, WFDF launched a Kickstarter to finance an ambitious plan to provide unprecedented coverage of the 2016 World Ultimate and Guts Championship.  

This summer, ultimate athletes from around the globe will journey to London to compete at the World Ultimate and Guts Championship (WUGC).  Presented by the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF), the WUGC is held every four years and represents the highest level of international competition.

Recently, USA Ultimate released the rosters for the various American teams heading to London to compete in the various divisions at WUGC.  For the first time since the tournament’s inception in 1983, the teams representing the United States have drawn from across the nation.

 In 2016, Team USA at WUGC will represent the entire country.  And we all want to be able to enjoy it.

“It’s exciting to see the level of ambition represented by WFDF plans for WUGC this year.” said Nic Darling, MLU’s Executive Vice President, “This is a great opportunity for ultimate frisbee fans to support real in-depth coverage of the game we love.”

WFDF recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance “a free global video stream” as well as a host of other media projects to better cover the event for those not lucky enough to travel to London.  With several donation options, the WFDF fundraiser is allowing the ultimate community to come together and support not only an opportunity to have access to high-quality video coverage of the the WUGC, but to also “open up new horizons for ultimate”.

“While ambitious, this production, has the potential to lift ultimate into further mainstream consciousness and make a serious impact on ultimate’s bid to be included in the Olympic Programme in 2024” said Elliot Trotter, Executive Editor of Skyd Magazine, “The campaign essentially gives us license to create a ton of fantastic marketing tools for the sport. Not to mention, we’re confidentially finalizing a partnership with a major US sports network to broadcast the finals, which is a major achievement in itself.”

Learn more about WFDF’s plans and donate to the Kickstarter here.