With the 2017 MLU Season rapidly approaching, teams have begun to fill their coaching staffs and rosters, meaning it’s time once again for The Dotted Line, a periodic look at signings around the league.

With the MLU Offseason starting to heat up, several teams have begun to sign players and coaches for the upcoming 2017 MLU Season. With tryouts and pre-season activities right around the corner, teams look to lock up returning talent and get their coaching staffs in order. Stay tuned for future installments of The Dotted Line, as more contracts are announced https://weedy.com/news/bay-dream-strain-review testtest testtest testtest testtest.

 Philadelphia Spinners

The Spinners continued their flurry of offseason signings, as Head Coach Charlie Hoppes continues to shape the roster that he hopes will defend their Championship title. After locking up a core of returning players (See .

Washington D.C. Current

After announcing the return of their . Both Blake and Solis were major pieces of the 2016 D.C. offense, and Head Coach Will Smolinski jumped at the chance to bring them back for year two of his “3-Year Plan”

Portland Stags

The reigning Western Conference Champions made their first move of offseason last week, as the Stags announced the re-signing of a trio of veterans. , the first re-signed members of last season’s 9-1 Stags roster that rampaged through the Western Conference. Franer will be back for his second season with the team, while Hancock and Woodside have been fixtures of the Stags for years.

Be sure to  and stay tuned in to your favorite MLU teams for updates on player and coach signings as we approach the first pull of the 2016 MLU Season!