Major League Ultimate has reached a partnership agreement with Ultiapps, the mobile and web application designed to give Ultimate teams the power to easily track player and team statistics. The three-year partnership includes a customized Game Tracker Application that will allow the league to track game statistics in real time and new display options to integrate statistics with the MLU game experience. The deal also includes an exclusive Fantasy Ultimate component that will launch at the start of the MLU season in April.

“Ultimate fans are incredibly passionate. They want to dig in deep into the game and the players. Accurate, detailed statistics are the best way to give them that opportunity,” says President of the MLU, Jeff Snader. “The MLU has two paid statisticians on staff at each game and the newly designed Ultiapps application will give them the tool they need to do their job. Thanks to this partnership, we will have the most comprehensive stats this game has ever seen.”

Ultiapps was originally developed by Mathew Berg and Tushar Singh to track the 2012 USAU Club Championships. It gave teams the ability to track essential statistics such as catches, throws and yardage in order to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of players and teams. The MLU Game Tracker is being redesigned specifically for the MLU rules, terminology and field size and provides for the output of even more granular and detailed stats than have ever been produced.

“The amount of data our statisticians will be able to capture is amazing,” says Marc Stachowski, Director of IT for the MLU. “The raw data will hold every bit of information you could possibly want. From that data we will be able to tell a detailed story of every game, every team and every player.”

For their part, the team at Ultiapps is excited to be working with an organization intent on making full use of their product.

“We believe the MLU to be an ideal partner as they are focused on connecting to fans in innovative ways,” says co-developer Tushar Singh. “When we outlined our ideas to Jeff Snader and other members of the league, they were warmly received along with a willingness to be at the forefront of a new media experience.”

The most significant part of that experience is the exclusive MLU fantasy application. The app will allow fans to create their own leagues and rosters to compete against their friends in a league environment that will reward the informed fan.

“The application goes beyond simple point catch/throw/point-based systems and connects fully into data from the tracker to award points to league players based on yardage and other metrics,” explains Singh.

“I’m most excited for the Fantasy component of the Ultiapps package,” says Nic Darling, Vice President of the MLU. “Ultimate fans are dying for the same type of interaction that fantasy has provided in other sports and this application will provide it.”

“I can’t wait for fans to get their hands on this app,” says Stachowski. “We have some really innovative ideas that I think will provide a challenging and entertaining experience. Fantasy players will need to have real knowledge of the players on their team to be competitive. . .or be pretty lucky.”

As the season progresses, Ultiapps will continue working to add a live game viewer to enhance the MLU Game Feed with live-tracked disc movement and real-time stat updates. Additional features scheduled for the near future include the delivery of extended statistics and heat maps to track the flow of the disc.

Compatible with iOS, Android and Blackberry, the new Game Tracker Application and Fantasy App will be available by mid-April in time for the start of the MLU season.

About Ultiapps

Ultiapps was founded in 2012 by Mathew Berg and Tushar Singh to help teams and players improve their games. The first application was released ahead of USA Club Championships as a demonstration of how tracking can show teams where they excel or falter. Since the 2012 release, the tracking application has been adopted by players around the world. Starting with MLU, a new suite of applications is being released that will help partners track games as well as connect with fans to provide an enriching and engaging experience.

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