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In an incredible individual performance during Week 5 of the 2014 season, Donnie Clark of the Seattle Rainmakers set the single-game record for both points, 14, and goals scored, 12, in a loss to the eventual Western Conference Champions The Vancouver Nighthawks.

Donnie Clark had been an important piece of the Seattle Rainmakers since the team’s inception, tallying 18 goals, 4 assists and 12 blocks for the 2013 Rainmakers, while playing 121 of his 162 points played on defense.  The 2014 season, however, saw Clark thrive in a new, more offensive role, highlighted by his record breaking game May 10th against the Nighthawks.

The Rainmakers would fall to Vancouver, their first loss to the Nighthawks in MLU history.  Vancouver won by six, and seemed to be in command for most of the game, despite Clark’s impressive efforts to decimate the Vancouver defense with 12 goals and 2 assists for a record 14-points in a single game.

After the game, Clark attributed his performance to the play of his teammates, specifically handler Adam Simon.

“I think Chicken [Simon] and I are finally dialed in and it’s awesome,” said Clark. “It started during practice on Wednesday, three days before, and just continued during the game. I’ve changed my cutting and he’s put less float on his hucks and it’s golden.”

Simon and Clark connect on a goal early in the 2nd half.

Clark’s performance broke the previous single game record of 11 points, set by Josh Markette of the Boston Whitecaps, who scored 5 goals and threw 6 assists against the Philadelphia Spinners in Week 9 of  the 2013 season.

 Two of Clarks’ nine throws went for goals.

While Clark (12G, 2A), Simon (7A), Danny Trytiak (3G, 3A) and Khalif El-Salaam (3G, 3A) played well, the Nighthawks defeated the Rainmakers 29-23 with strong performances from Mark Leduc (5G, 3A), Brendan Wong (5G, 2A), Matthew Berezan (4G, 3A), Aaron Loach (1G, 4A) and Morgan Hibbert (2G, 3A).  The Nighthawks would go on to be named Western Conference Champions, but lose to the Washington D.C. Current in the 2014 MLU Championship.


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For his performance against the Nighthawks, Clark was award the 2014 Week 5 Offensive Play of the Week, highlighting his impressive second half.

The 14pt single game record has stood through the remainder of the 2014 season and was not broken in 2015.  The closest anyone has come to breaking Clark’s record was in Week 8 of 2015, when Tyler Chan of the Whitecaps scored 13 points on 5 goals and 8 assists against the New York Rumble.

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