Photos by Marshall Goff and Scobel Wiggins –

Major League Ultimate announced its Offensive Players of the Year awards on Tuesday. Timmy Perston of the Portland Stags and Josh Markette of the Boston Whitecaps earned the Western and Eastern Conference awards, respectively.

The Offensive Player of the Year awards are given to the most outstanding offensive player in each conference during the regular season. For two consecutive seasons, the offensive awards have been given to Stags and Whitecaps players.

In their most successful season to date, the Portland Stags cruised through the Western Conference regular season with the help of Timmy Perston’s league-leading 37 goals. He also contributed 13 assists and eight blocks.

Perston finished fourth in the league in points with 50 behind his teammate Cody Bjorklund, Morgan Hibbert of the Vancouver Nighthawks and Mark Burton of the Seattle Rainmakers.

Boston veteran Josh Markette stepped up for an injury-riddled Whitecaps team, finishing the regular season with 24 assists, the most on the team and tied for seventh in the league.

With 238 completions on a 92.6 percent completion rate, Markette was integral in Boston’s road to their third-consecutive Eastern Conference Finals game and second MLU Championship.

Western Conference Ballot:

1. Timmy Perston (Portland)
2. Mark Burton (Seattle)
3. Cody Bjorklund (Portland)
4. Morgan Hibbert (Vancouver)
5. Steven Rice (Portland)

Others receiving votes: Gabe Saunkeah (San Francisco), Brendan Wong (Vancouver), Charles Eyrich (Vancouver)

Eastern Conference Ballot:

1. Josh Markette (Boston)
2. Alan Kolick (D.C.)
3. Jeff Graham (Boston)
4. Jake Rainwater (Philadelphia)
5. Matt Glazer (Philadelphia)

Others receiving votes: Peter Prial (D.C.), Marshall Ward (Philadelphia), Nick Hirannet (Philadelphia), David Baer (Philadelphia), Tyler Chan (Boston), Chris Mazur (New York)