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As the year winds down, it’s time to recall some of the best moments from the 2013 season.

From now until New Year’s Day, be on the lookout for one moment per day.

We went through every game from the 2013 campaign and picked the two best moments from each team’s season. So join us every day for a look back at what our amazing players accomplished in their first seasons in the MLU. If we had this many big moments in our inaugural season, only time will tell what our players will do next season.

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Chris Mazur passed the eye test.

With 24 goals and 32 assists, the Eastern Conference MVP finished second in the league in points behind Boston’s Josh Markette. Mazur also was second only to D.C.’s Alan Kolick in touches.

Mazur had the production and his team called his number more often than almost anyone else in the league.

And if you had the chance to see him play, you’d quickly identify him as a difference maker.

He dropped five and seven points in his first two contests, but his grit and determination showed through the most against the D.C. Current in the last week of the season with the playoffs on the line. Even in a losing effort, he put in his best game of the season, posting nine assists and a goal to break the 10-point barrier that was crossed only a handful of times last season.

He injured himself in the Rumble’s Week 8 contest in New York against the Current, posting his lowest point total of the season in that game with just a point. Had he been healthy for that entire game, the Rumble may have eked out the Current for the second playoff spot in the East.

Despite being the MVP of the Eastern Conference, Mazur is quick to give kudos to his teammates for much of his success.

“For the rest of the NY Rumble, this award is really a team achievement. You can’t throw goals to yourself. It takes all seven guys on the field and another 18 guys on the sideline all working together towards a specific goal,” Mazur said. “Despite missing the playoffs, we were all part of something truly special in 2013 and this award is much more a symbol of that collective achievement than an individual accomplishment.”

Beyond his Rumble teammates, Mazur had one other person to thank for his success and motivation throughout the season, his mother.

“I couldn’t ask for a more loving and supportive mother. She made it to almost every game this season, regardless of the location,” Mazur said. She is the best out there, and deserves a mention. She kept me motivated throughout the season no matter the obstacle, mistake, or injury.

“Playing for a professional NY sports team has been a dream of mine since I was a boy going to Yankee Stadium with my mom, and seeing the smile on her face in the stands all season long will be a memory I will never forget.”