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As we look forward to the 2017 MLU Season, we’ve decided to remember some of our favorite moments for the 2016.  We can highlight amazing catches, fantastic blocks and incredible throws all year long, but in this series, we will be looking back at the moments that may not have shown up on the highlight reel or the boxscore.
Anthony Nuñez, co-head coach of the New York Rumble, shares his five favorite moments from the Rumble’s 2016 season: 
1) Sean Mott on Sportscenter – this is a moment that I loved because Mott is a player I have known since he started ultimate. He went from a kid who got cut from his first time trying out to an athlete who was highlighted on Sportscenter! WATCH FULL GAME

2) Our comeback win against D.C. – Entering the final quarter down, 15-11, and coming back all the way to win 21-19. It was the first win of the season and it helped build our team’s confidence.  These young guys went in hungry and proved that they belonged in the MLU. WATCH FULL GAME
DC Current take on the New York Rumble New York Rumble sidelines celebrate the latest Rumble score, bringing them within 2 points of the DC Current. Saturday, April 23, 2016.  © 2016 Pete Guion for UltiPhotos. All rights reserved.

The Rumble outscored the Current 10-4 in the 4th Quarter to win their first game of the season. (Photo by Pete Guion – UltiPhotos)

3) Quinn Hunziker winning the Eastern Conference Spirit Award. Quinn is a true teammate and is someone who deserved the award. Every game, every practice he helped keep this team’s spirits up and I am proud of all he has accomplished. 


Orange, NJ: Quinn Hunziker (New York Rumble #13) thanks a fan at the Major League Ultimate (MLU) game between the New York Rumble and the Boston Whitecaps, Saturday April 16, 2016.

Eastern Conference Spirit Award winner Quinn Hunziker (Photo by Sean Carpetner –

4) The Cross-Divisonal Game against San Francisco – From day one this was an amazing trip and allowed me to learn a ton about each of the amazing athletes on the Rumble. I learned who the team clowns were, who was always the serious one, who could eat the most food, and who always wanted to party. I loved that as soon as the plane landed, we instantly all got Ubers and went to In-N-Out. We all woke up early and some of the guys took a hike. We truly bonded as a group this trip and built the family even more. WATCH FULL GAME
Berkeley, CA: Jibran Mieser (New York Rumble #6) with the extended grab covered by Nate Young (San Francisco Dogfish #15) from the San Francisco Dogfish regular season game versus the New York Rumble on May 14, 2016 at Berkeley High School Yellow Jacket Stadium. © Rodney Chen for

The Rumble became the first Eastern Conference team to play – and win – a game on the West Coast. (Photo by Rodney Chen – UltiPhotos)

5) The end of our final game of the season – At the end of the huddle, we had just gotten blown out by Boston. Everyone in that huddle had positive things to say about the team, their coaches, and their experience this year. Not one person was discouraged by our 2016 record, in fact almost everyone who spoke said “I cannot wait to come back next year”. It was a great huddle to end the season on and I cannot wait to see how hard these guys work in the offseason.  WATCH FULL GAME
The Boston Whitecaps celebrated their last home game of the season with a 32-16 win over the NY Rumble in Major League Ultimate action. Hormel Stadium, Medford, MA. © Marshall Goff for UltiPhotos, June 18, 2016.

The Rumble come together following a tough, season-ending loss to the Whitecaps (Photo by Marshall Goff –