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As we look forward to the 2017 MLU Season, we’ve decided to remember some of our favorite moments for the 2016.  We can highlight amazing catches, fantastic blocks and incredible throws all year long, but in this series, we will be looking back at the moments that may not have shown up on the highlight reel or the boxscore.
Geoff Poster, play-by-play announcer for MLU Live, shares his five favorite moments from the 2016 MLU season: 

1) The Championship Game Environment. While the game had it’s ups and downs in the gameplay, especially after a long long lightning delay, the crowd and environment was amazing. When Philadelphia broke and scored the first point of the game you could feel the crowd. I said to Dusty, at that moment on the broadcast, about how you sense the excitement and could tell that the presence of the crowd was going to be a factor. It was biggest crowd I’ve seen at an MLU game and it was great to be a part of it.


The 2016 MLU Championship drew over 3,000 fans. (Photo by Pete Guion –

2) Alex Cooper’s Foot Block. During one of their match-up’s in Philadelphia, Boston’s Alex Cooper had one of the best foot blocks I’ve ever seen. Normally, a foot block is lucky enough, and will probably hit the side of the foot, but Cooper booted this one like a punter. It caught both Dusty and me by surprise and I remember Dusty saying, “Woah!” when it happened. If there’s a picture of this I would love a 1960s Batman-esc “POW!” or “BAM!” right at the moment of the block. BOXSCORE – WATCH GAME

3) Tannor Johnson’s Record Day. Speaking of Alex Cooper, he asked me before the start of Boston’s last game of the season at home versus New York, what the record was for goals scored in a game. I told him it was held by Donnie Clark with 12. Cooper told me his plan for that game was to break it. Boston had already clinched their playoff spot and the game was just a tune up for the playoffs so he felt it was okay to play for a record. Nothing against Cooper – he’s a great player, but I was a bit skeptical of him breaking the record. However, during the broadcast, Tony Leonardo and I discussed it and then sure enough it wasn’t Cooper breaking the record, but the big young cutter, Tannor Johnson. Johnson joined the team late that year after finishing up his freshman season at UMass and at half time Boston realized that with some help, he could set the record. We knew every time Boston got the disc they were looking for Tannor and it became slightly comical to call the game, but still exciting and rewarding for a good kid that’s a great player. BOXSCOREWATCH GAME

Tannor Johnson scored an MLU record 15 points on 13 goals and 2 assists on June 18th against the New York Rumble (Photo by Burt Granofsky –

4) Timmy Perston’s Pre-Game Interview. I had never met Timmy Perston prior to the championship game in Philadelphia, but I had heard some stories that he was funny guy. We decided for the biggest game of the season we would shoot some pre-game discussion and interviews. I was very excited about the idea of interviewing Perston, and he didn’t disappoint. Showing up with an umbrella hat on, and leaving it on throughout the interview, he gave us some good stories about his history in ultimate, and the arrival of the Stag in Portland trying to find a place in what had previously just been Rhino territory. The interview only made me like him more as a player in this league both on and off the field. BOXSCOREWATCH GAME

5) The Greatest. What a way to start the season. Nick Hirannet catches a very floaty pass that he chicken wings at the buzzer before halftime, Himalaya Mehta catches it and I say, “It’s a goal!” This play was everywhere from ESPN’s SportsCenter Top 10 to Barstool Sports, and I was broadcasting it. Sounds like something I would be ecstatic about right? Not exactly. The play happened so quickly, and I figured there would be some sort of call made that would bring it back, but it just kept going and stood legally. I thought maybe Nick was out of bounds or traveled on the throw, that Mehta might not have been in bounds at the end, but I was totally wrong and it was just a great and exciting moment. Plus, there’s that great shot of Andrew Hooker looking back confused at the camera right at the end of the play. BOXSCORE – WATCH GAME