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As the year winds down, it’s time to recall some of the best moments from the 2013 season.

From now until New Year’s Day, be on the lookout for one moment per day.

We went through every game from the 2013 campaign and picked the two best moments from each team’s season. So join us every day for a look back at what our amazing players accomplished in their first seasons in the MLU. If we had this many big moments in our inaugural season, only time will tell what our players will do next season.

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Adam Simon’s nickname is Chicken, but he didn’t shy away from any challenge in the 2013 season, taking home the Western Conference MVP.

In 10 regular season games and one playoff contest, Simon put up the third-highest point total in the Western Conference with 18 goals and 25 assists.

The 25 assists were good for second in the West, only to Portland’s Cody Bjorklund.

Simon was vital to the flow of a Seattle offense that loved to spread the disc around, averaging 31.4 throws per contest. He was the only player in the West to average more than 30 throws per game.

He was also versatile. Despite serving as the Rainmakers’ main offensive handler, Simon found the end zone himself quite often.

His best performance came against San Francisco in Week 10, when he put up eight points in a 24-22 victory.

Simon was honored to receive the reward.

“It’s an honor to be recognized as an asset to my team,” Simon said. “There were a great many assets to the team and every last one of my teammates is just as deserving of recognition. It was a great season and a lot of work went into competing.

“My teammates and coaches pushing me is always my favorite part of any season, and I owe them tremendous gratitude.”